viernes, 8 de junio de 2012


 The stay in Granada will be for 2 days.

  We have two hotels to choose one: Saray Hotel, 2 nights including breakfast 164 Euros; and the Alixares Hotel, 211 Euros including breakfast. Both of them have free internet.

  We will arrive at 9 am, first we will go to the hotel to leave our stuff, we'll take the bus and then you will decide which option you want to do:

    -The first is a visit to the Science Park of Granada where we go since morning until afternoon (we will eat there) and then we go to the center of Granada, where we will see the shops, eating places...
    -The other option is to go to the Albaicin and go for a walk. Then we will go to eat. About 4 o'clock we will take the bus and we'll go to Sacromonte. After this we will go to visit the monastery of La Cartuja. Then we will have dinner, for example at Aben Humeya which is a restaurant near the University. We will take the bus and we will go to the center of Granada where we will give a turn and return to the hotel.

  The next day at 9 in the morning we will go to visit the wonderful Alhambra which you can watch while you are listening to his story told by our guides. We will eat there, we recommend: Albert Gardens. Then we will go to the Generalife which is a garden area joined to the Alhambra. About 7 p.m. we will go to the Cathedral and Royal Chapel and  then we will have dinner and come back to the hotel.

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