viernes, 8 de junio de 2012


  You will come to Almeria about 9 a.m.. We will begin a visit to the Mini Hollywood, a small town made in the 90s to roll movies of the west. In the midday, we are going to have lunch at the restaurant of the Sedelma Congress Hotel where we will stay (150 €). After lunch, we will visit the nature reserve of Cabo de Gata. About 7 am, we will continue visiting monuments of relevancy as the fortress placed to the surroundings of Cabo de Gata. The dinner will be at the tavern Casa Miguel where they will enjoy the typical "almeriense" food: "pipirrana and fried fish".

  We are going to begin the last day in Almeria with a breakfast at the hotel. Later, we will have free time for the medieval Almeria, where we will be able to see the Door Pechina, The Arabic Cisterns, the Medieval Souk... In the midday, we will eat at the hotel. In the evening, you can choose between two additional options, enjoy and happen a good time on the beach The Zapillo, enjoy the cinema, you can knowing the principal scenes and movies rolled in the city (20 €) or to enjoy the bullfighting tradition being present at a bullfight (40 €).  We are going to put end to the visit in Almeria, doing a visit to the best taverns to taste his lids during the night.

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