lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Andalusia Guided Tour

  The guided tour is 8 days on which we will visit Malaga, Seville, Granada and Almeria. On July 22 we will take a flight from Barajas at 7 am (122 €) to Malaga where we will start our tour. A bus (10 €) will move us from city to city. The 30th we will take a flight from Almeria to Barajas back at 9 am (115 €). All entrance fees to monuments are included in the tour package, except supplementary activities.

  The total price of the trip is: 960 €

viernes, 8 de junio de 2012


  We'll arrive to Malaga in the morning. We're going to NH Malaga Hotel (184 € including breakfast) where we will stay for 2 nights. Later, we will go for a walk in Malaga center where we will have breakfast at the cafeteria La Tosta. After this, we will visit Plaza de la Merced and Casa Natal de Picasso. La Plaza de la Merced is one of the principal squares in the city. Later we're going to Casa Natal de Picasso. After this we're going to Museo Picasso where we can find more than 200 works of Picasso. In the midday we will go to the Cathedral. We will go out for "tapas" in Calle Larios where we will eat at one of the most known bars, called Antigua Casa del Guardia. Then we'll have free time to go for a walk through the center to buy gifts or to visit this famous street. Later we will visit The Alcazaba. In the evening, at 6 pm we will go to Plaza Mayor where we will be able to visit one of the most important malls of the whole Andalusia. The return to the hotel will be at 9 pm and we'll  have dinner.

  The last day of our tour for Malaga will be for two of the most important cities of Costa del Sol. We’ll go to Fuengirola and we will visit his maritime walk where we will be able to find many shops of souvenirs and at the end of the walk we can visit the Castle Sohail. Before eating, we will go to Fuengirola's Zoo. Later we will visit Nerja where we're going to Nerja's Cave. Our day will finish in Malaga where we will have dinner at one of the most famous "chiringuitos" called El Tintero II where we can eat the famous ‘pescaito frito’.


  The stay in Seville will be for 2 days on which you will do a visit tour through the most important monuments and places.

  You are going to arrive to Seville in the morning and there will be a break for having a breakfast at the cafeteria of Gran Meliá Colón Hotel, where you're going to stay for 2 nights (196 €). After this, we will start a visit through Barrio de Triana where we're going to visit Puente de Triana, Castillo de San Jorge and Calle Alfarería where there are a lot of workshops of ceramics. In the midday, we are going to have lunch at Abades Triana restaurant. After lunch, there will be free time to walk on the Barrio de Triana, one of the most importants places in the city. About 5 pm, we will continue a visit through the most important monuments and another interesting places like the Metropol Parasol, La Giralda and El Alcázar. The dinner will be at the famous bar called 100 Montaditos situated on La Macarena.

  We will start the last day in Seville having a breakfast at Starbucks on Calle de la Campana. Later, we will have free time to go for a walk through the area. You can visit the most ancient pastry shops in Seville and go shopping in the downtown. In the midday, we're going to make a picnic in Parque María Luisaa big park well known in Seville. In the evening, you can choose between two additional options: to go to Isla Mágica (20 €) or to enjoy of a thermal circuit in the hotel's spa (25 €). We will end the visit in Seville having dinner at one of the most ancient bar, El Rinconcillo, situated on Santa Catalina.



 The stay in Granada will be for 2 days.

  We have two hotels to choose one: Saray Hotel, 2 nights including breakfast 164 Euros; and the Alixares Hotel, 211 Euros including breakfast. Both of them have free internet.

  We will arrive at 9 am, first we will go to the hotel to leave our stuff, we'll take the bus and then you will decide which option you want to do:

    -The first is a visit to the Science Park of Granada where we go since morning until afternoon (we will eat there) and then we go to the center of Granada, where we will see the shops, eating places...
    -The other option is to go to the Albaicin and go for a walk. Then we will go to eat. About 4 o'clock we will take the bus and we'll go to Sacromonte. After this we will go to visit the monastery of La Cartuja. Then we will have dinner, for example at Aben Humeya which is a restaurant near the University. We will take the bus and we will go to the center of Granada where we will give a turn and return to the hotel.

  The next day at 9 in the morning we will go to visit the wonderful Alhambra which you can watch while you are listening to his story told by our guides. We will eat there, we recommend: Albert Gardens. Then we will go to the Generalife which is a garden area joined to the Alhambra. About 7 p.m. we will go to the Cathedral and Royal Chapel and  then we will have dinner and come back to the hotel.


  You will come to Almeria about 9 a.m.. We will begin a visit to the Mini Hollywood, a small town made in the 90s to roll movies of the west. In the midday, we are going to have lunch at the restaurant of the Sedelma Congress Hotel where we will stay (150 €). After lunch, we will visit the nature reserve of Cabo de Gata. About 7 am, we will continue visiting monuments of relevancy as the fortress placed to the surroundings of Cabo de Gata. The dinner will be at the tavern Casa Miguel where they will enjoy the typical "almeriense" food: "pipirrana and fried fish".

  We are going to begin the last day in Almeria with a breakfast at the hotel. Later, we will have free time for the medieval Almeria, where we will be able to see the Door Pechina, The Arabic Cisterns, the Medieval Souk... In the midday, we will eat at the hotel. In the evening, you can choose between two additional options, enjoy and happen a good time on the beach The Zapillo, enjoy the cinema, you can knowing the principal scenes and movies rolled in the city (20 €) or to enjoy the bullfighting tradition being present at a bullfight (40 €).  We are going to put end to the visit in Almeria, doing a visit to the best taverns to taste his lids during the night.



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